Life Echo - The future of memory

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The film

As part of the BoM exhibition; Justin Wiggan’s Life Echo, we  hosted an afternoon of discussion investigating memory and recall.  This was a  public event that explored Wiggan’s research questions (some of which you can see below) through the eyes of people from different professions and disciplines.

The purpose was to gain new insight and ideas around recall, reminiscence and memory along with the discussion panel below .

Seán Street, Author of the book Memory of Sound

Gemma Dixon, Programme Manager, Institute for Health and Quality of Life at Birmingham City University

Penny Venables, CEO of John Taylor Hospice

Dr Mike Graveney, Clinical Professor at University of Warwick

Research Questions:

Trauma seems to produce visually ingrained memory, why?

Can a memory be destroyed by the sound of other memories?

Can recall be used as healing?

What is the future of memory?

In Development : The Life Echo app

We are very excited to announce that we are in development of a app which allows you to turn your own memories into sounds and digitally geocache them on google maps, this means you will have your control of your own phonic memory bank which is triggered when in  locations specific to your own memory experience.

Life Echo